About Us
The Procurement Department is responsible for the acquisition of supplies, services and construction in support of the authority's IRPC businesses.

Chemicals Procurement Division

Chemical For Petrochemical Procurement Section

  • Chemicals for PTK, EBSM Plant
  • Chemicals for PE, PP, CD1, RA Plant
  • Chemicals for BTX, EPS Plant, Pigment
  • Chemicals for IRPC Polyol, ETP Plant
  • Chemicals for ABS, SAN, PS Plant

Chemical For Petroleum Procurement Section

  • Catalyst, Recovery Catalyst & Assaye
  • Chemicals for Power Plant, Utility, Water Treatment, Refinery, Process Treatment for Refinery & Lube
  • Chemicals for Lube Blending Plant, Additive for Oil, Fixed Asset (Issuing by QC & RD)
  • Chemicals for Lube Plants, Basic Chemicals, Gas, Refrigerant
  • Chemicals for Lube, Safety, Cement Glassware & Apparatus
  • Ink for Inkjet Machine, Miscellaneous, Maintenance Oil, Spare Parts for Lab Equipment