About Us
The Procurement Department is responsible for the acquisition of supplies, services and construction in support of the authority's IRPC businesses.

Systems & Machinery Procurement Division

Equipment & Consumable Parts Procurement Section

  • Mechanical Machinery and Equipment
  • Heater, Gasket, Packing, Boiler, Separator, Strainer, Metal & Non-Metal Pipe, Transmission Part
  • Filter, Flange, Reformer, Insulation
  • Fastener, Circlip, Expansion Pin, Welding Rod & Welding Accessories, Metal & Non-Metal Pipe Support Other Seal
  • Fittings, Mechanic Value, Repair Kit & Accessories (Piping)
  • Mechanical Seal

Electrical Procurement Section

  • Electrical Machinery and Equipment
  • Bagging & Component, Packing System, Material Handling, Marines Equipment, Polymer Plants Component, Electrical Distribution Power & Control Equipment, Cable & Wire, Electrical Installation Equipment, Variable Speed Motor & Control System
  • Electrical Consumer Equipment, Common Spare Part, Alarm System Equipment, Air Condition (Explosion proof), High Voltage System, Medium Voltage System, Low Voltage System, Electronic Part, Grounding & Lighting System

Instrument Procurement Section

  • DCS & PLC
  • Analyzer, Spare Part for Analyzer, Communication System
  • Dosing & Weighing Scale, Instrument : Installation Material & Accessories, Machinery Equipment, Panel & Auxiliary Room
  • Pressure & Temperature Measurement, Flow & Level Measurement, Vibration
  • Control Valve, Pneumatic & Hydraulic

Machinery & Spare Parts Procurement Section

  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Heat Exchanger & Spare Parts, Pump Reciprocating, Pump Centrifugal (Europe), Vessel (Drum, Tank, Silo), Pump Centrifugal (USA & Asia), Pump Rotary & Pump Vacuum, Pump Other Type
  • Fire Fighting (Without PPE), Power Plant Component, Mixer Vessel & Agitator, Miscellaneous of Mechanical Comprising : Steam Trap, Hoses, Coupling, Safety Equipment (Non PPE), Personal Protection Equipment
  • Machinery and Equipment Project
  • Blower & Fan for Blower, Compressor Centrifugal & Turbo, Turbine Expanders (Steam & Gas), Compressor Positive Displacement, Burner, Flares