About Us
The Procurement Department is responsible for the acquisition of supplies, services and construction in support of the authority's IRPC businesses.

Engineering & Services Procurement Division

Contract & Engineering Procurement Section

  • Project : Turnkey-Mechanical, Civil, Instrument, Consultant PMC, EPCM
  • Project : Mechanical Engineering: Piping Work, Painting, Equipment Installation, Hot & Cold Insulation, Lining, Coating Work
  • Project : Mechanical Engineering : Fabrication Work, EPC Mechanical Work, Equipment Cleaning
  • Project : Civil Engineering : EPC Civil Work, Civil Consultant, Reinforce Concrete Building Finishing, Steel Structure Building, Pipe Rack, Steel Structure, Concrete Paving, Equipment Foundation, Road, Paving, Painting, Pre-Streets Concrete Pile, Bored Pile, Refractory/Fire Brick

Maintenance Service & Support Procurement Section

  • Fabrication Tank, Vessel, Tube, Coating & Lining Hard Metal Spray, Insulation, Cleaning > 20 Million THB
  • Maintenance Mechanic, Cleaning (Tank) < 20 Million THB, Clean Equipment (Heat Exchanger, Column, Drum, Fire Heater), Roof Seal, Leg Seal, Gauge Pole, Flare
  • Jetty, Port, Tank Farm, Forklifts, Clean Waste
  • Safety Sign, Logistic, Warehouse, Hard Chrome, Steam Tap, ACC, LAW
  • IT Supply (Software & Hardware), Maintenance Mechanic OH & PM, Balance In Shop, Vibration, Pump, Compressor, Turbine, Check Valve for Compressor, Gear Overhaul (In-Shop), Rotating Service
  • Fabrication Equipment (Tank, Vessel, Tube), Re-tube, Rebuild, Online Stop Leak, Valve (Safety Valve, Manual Valve), Refractory, Ceramic, งานซ่อม On-site Machine, Load Catalysts

Rayong Procurement Section

  • Project : Instrument & Electrical Engineering : EPC Instrument & Electrical Work, Instrument & Electrical Installation, High Voltage System, Drive, Inverter, Chiller System, Fire Fighting System, Fire Alarm, CCTV, Communication, Network System
  • CV Work, Civil Design, Fire Proof, Scaffolding
  • Maintenance for Electrical Work
  • Hand Tools, Consumable & General Parts, Civil & Carpenter Materials, Car & Auto Part, Shop Equipment, Other Tools, PM, CM & OH
  • Measurement Tools, Power Tools, Rent Crane & HV EQ, Inspection & Maintenance for Overhead Crane